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Our background

Our company, incorporated in UAE, includes specialists as lawyers, financiers, as well as specialists from the oil and gas and petrochemical industries and traders in raw materials.


We are specialized in providing investment, trade and structured financial solutions with a combination of different experience and expertise such asset financing, infrastructure and energy projects, commodity transactions financing.


Thanks to our experience and extensive knowledge, we, as a trader, structure and conduct international transactions between suppliers and strategic buyers for various groups of raw materials and goods. 


Our interests include crude oil, natural gas, liquefied natural gas, refined petroleum and petrochemical products, metals, coal, minerals, finished products, fertilizers and agricultural goods.


We are working with CIS countries, Europe, Africa, Latin America, Southeast Asian countries, China, Turkey, Middle East and Persian Gulf countries.  


Our team has established good working relationships with financial institutions, investment banks and funds, large brokers, asset managers, trading divisions of large and independent companies, strategic buyers and suppliers of commodities.

Насосные услуги

Our products

We are currently working with the following product lines:

Diesel Fuel EN-590 10 ppm

Our business

Currently, we have two main types of business:

  • participation in transactions as an agent / advisor

  • commodity trading as a principal trader. 


We can also provide trade (joint) financing when the potential transaction and its participants are clearly defined and protected, under any circumstances this service is provided only if we are the principal.

Organizing Data

We work with global manufacturers in oil and gas and petrochemical industry, as well as traders and international logistics companies.

Our partners

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